Abandoned Car

The abandoned car industrial estate is a real issue, and often people discover a car or vehicle parked at their abandoned property. It is important for you to quickly react to such a situation as if you let the car park at your property for a long time it will get more difficult for you to seek a resolution later. 

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If you want to get rid of an abandoned car on your private land, you should refrain from acting on your own. While you may face a situation where you find a vacant vehicle parked on your private property without an owner to make a claim on it, do not get tempted to move the vehicle by yourself. If you try to tow away the vehicle you will become liable to pay for any damages claims the owner of the vehicle raise against you when he gets his vehicle back.

You also need to deal with the tow services and pay them the service fee to remove the vehicle. Another issue is that you just don't remove the parked car when you do not have a place to park it. You are not allowed to move the car and park it anywhere you want. So if you even manage to move the vehicle you will not have anywhere to take the car to.

The best way is to call your local authorities. The local police will come an inspect the vehicle. They also have access to vehicle identification systems and will track down the owner of the abandoned car and send them notices to move the parked vehicle at the earliest. Where the car owner does not reply the police have the legal rights to call in a tow company to remove the abandoned vehicle from your property. This is the safest method as not only the police will take care of any towing expenses, but the owner of the abandoned vehicle has no legal grounds to make damages claim on you once the car is towed away. The matter becomes a subject for the police and owner of the abandoned vehicle and you have no obligations to give justifications and answers to the vehicle owners.

You can also take the services from certified agencies who act on your behalf to resolve the matter. These agencies have the right people to track the owner, assess the situation and tow the car from your private property. However, you should have to pay these agencies a service fee and also settle the towing charges. The benefit of this approach is that when compared to other legal options these agencies are very quick to act and resolve the case. You can expect the vehicle off from your private land in a matter of 24 hours.

Whether you go for police, look for litigation options or hire an agency service, always make sure that all efforts are done to keep your private property safe both during and after the removal of the vehicle from your property.